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Farrah Zerin

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Acupuncture +

Each Acupuncture treatment comes with cupping, moxa, estim and tui na delivered as needed basis 


Breath Work and Meditation

If you choose to ask for this service, I offer binaural meditation during your treatment along with options for guided meditation and qi gong practice to supplement the session.


Herbal Medicine

TCM herbal medicine in formulas tailored for you by leading herbalists worldwide


East Asian
Medical Aesthetics

Post Graduate Certificate in East Asian Medical Aesthetics offered in Spring 2023! Join the newsletter

My Approach

Every body is a different body. "Come as you are." Each treatment is tailored for you specifically. Holistic health is meant to set you up for success to thrive and be healthy when you feel imbalanced, unhappy, ill or displaced. My sessions are as unique as you are and takes all of your uniqueness to build you a space in yourself to feel whole.

About me

I aim to restore and aid in helping people heal with a sturdy foundation while helping them with the unique idiosyncrasies that make up their human experience. 

Listen to your body when it whispers not just when it yells. Getting help begins with making time in our busy lives to manage our daily stressors.

 Acupuncture is an excellent tool to add to your self care routine.  Your body will let you know when something doesn't feel good in a myriad of ways. Don't ignore it. Preventative care means taking care of your body to set yourself up for success.  Acupuncture relaxes your nervous system to bring about a happier internal environment where you can thrive. By regulating endorphins and dopamine, and by reducing inflammation, adrenaline and cortisol, acupuncture can be one of those things that works as your personal game changer. 




Women's Health






LGBTQ Support

I’ve spent about 40hrs a week hunched over a computer so neck/shoulder pain has always been a natural part of my existence. After only a single treatment I felt instantly looser. After about an hour I turned my head to right and my entire back and neck cracked, it was glorious. It’s been about three weeks now and I’m still completely relaxed. It’s weird to accept this new standard of living, but I’m certainly not complaining. Thank you for a pain free existence Farrah!

Fahima Hyder 

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