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Cupping Therapy. Ancient Modalities used in modern life.

Cupping is a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) method of releasing stagnation in

the muscles and tissues using negative pressure inside the cup to cause a suction that pulls your skin up. As your blood vessels expand, the skin rises and reddens which often looks like a bruise. The cups are left in place for up to ten minutes.

Plastic cups are used with a pump to suction your skin up and away from your muscles.

Micro cuts are made on the cutaneous regions of your skin to create a small blood flow. A cup is placed over the blood to draw out stagnant blood using suction. The stagnant blood removes metabolic waste and quicken recovery in the tissues.

Air is suctioned out by fire with glass cups that pull your skin up as the air inside the cup cools, it creates a vacuum.

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